Goal Of Nursing

The primary goal of the undergraduate nursing programme at Guru Shri Gorakshnath College of Nursing is to prepare a nurse who reflects the following:-


To apply and integrates caring behavior that demonstrates respect for needy individuals.


To demonstrate the knowledge and skill required to enhance health to individuals, families, groups and communities.


To achieve mutually defined goals in communication with patients and in collaboration with other health professionals.


To synthesize information that relates to the internal and external environmental factors for use in the clinical decision-making process.


To create cultural concepts to solve complex problems in the provision of culturally sensitive nursing care to individuals, groups, families and communities.


Demonstrate the use of knowledge to learn various nursing skills and to provide effective therapeutic nursing interventions in diverse settings.

Critical thinking

To demonstrate the incorporation of critical thinking into the nursing process and applies research findings to formulate and implement complex decisions in all- aspects of nursing care.

Teaching and Learning

To develop and conduct appropriate teaching-learning activities to meet the health needs of individuals, families, groups and communities.


To analyze the interaction of ethical, legal and political factors upon nursing care policy at all levels of practice and demonstrates behaviors which reflect professional responsibility and accountability.

Internal Assessment

The internal assessment will be conducted by the subject coordinators as like final examination pattern.

The three sessional / internal examinations will be conducted during each Academic year.

Tentative Schedule of the internal assessment:

I - December

II - March

III - June

The average of the examinations and the assignments marks will be considered as final internal marks for theory.

The internal Assessment marks for practical examination will be considered from model practical examination, clinical requirements, Assignments, etc and each one has the various percentage of weightage.