The Guru Shri Gorakshnath College of Nursing, Gorakhpur, advances the University's philosophy and mission through scholars in teaching research and service. The college of nursing provides excellent practical - based educational programs for trainees entering in the nursing profession and the nurses seeking advanced education. Because nursing is a research based discipline, faculties participate in generating, disseminating and using theory and research findings for education and practice. Faculty believes that service includes academic participation in professional and community organizations and practice of the discipline.

The nursing curriculum is based on the nursing meta-paradigm of PERSON, ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH and NURSING. Additionally, the curriculum is based on the following core concepts: Health promotion, Human diversity, Illness and disease management, Communication, Critical thinking, Professional values/ethics and Role development.

The concept of person refers to: all human beings are the recipients of the nursing care include individuals, families, groups and communities. Persons are of intrinsic value of dignity and worthy of respect because of their shared and unique physical, emotional, intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual characteristics.

Environment is the factors that affect the human being internally and externally including the setting where the nursing care is provided.

Health, it is the state of wellbeing of the human with the integration of physical, emotional, intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual well-being that enables the performance deemed necessary and desirable to maintain existence in the environment.

Nursing is an art and a science through which nurses provide caring assistance to persons whomever is needed.

Nursing Education prepares graduates to practice within the established professional guidelines and standards and to engage in continuous role development and revision of knowledge.

We believe our college is mainly focused on study, humanity, discipline and service. We believe that nursing service is a major resource of the hospitals and community.

We believe that a high quality of nursing practice with the good clinical facility in all specialized areas in medicine can be given by high tech qualified nursing faculties.

We believe that after graduation our student nurses will be able to participate in primary care and all activities regarding health in community thereby to achieve health for all in all the dimensions (Physical, Mental, Social, Cultural, Economical, Spiritual and Vocational).

We believe a high tech and high touch nursing practice with clinical facility in all specialties like Medical, Surgical, Neurology, OBG, Pediatrics, ICU, etc are given by highly qualified and experienced nursing faculties and doctors. So that the graduate students will be able to meet out the standards and can either nursing practice or teaching in any part of the world.

The philosophy of college of nursing is congruent with the philosophy of secularism, democracy, equality and universal brotherhood, Education is birth right of all. Education is everything; we educate ourselves for whole life. Education is health and wealth, Education is for women empowerment.

We believe youths are future pillars of our nation to whom we trained to take up their due responsibility in the society.

We believe that health is a basic human right and more than the absence of disease. Health care is the holistic, multi faceted and complex process.